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Focus on management and leadership initiatives such as development and change, coaching, improving processes, and instilling long-term advisory support


Build an individualized plan to address conflict management, communications, professional development, coaching, and training


Develop an environment for team building and cultural success which includes team formation, team strategizing, cross-functional activities, and more


Whether you have an organization-specific need or you're looking for an industry speaker at a conference or expo, we've got you covered

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Serving specific industries, you may call on us for specific advice or assistance in asset and fleet management, as well as snow and ice management

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While we offer short-term project solutions to meet the clients needs, we also focus on long-term partnerships to help organizations meet their needs

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When working with organizations, there’s a variety of approaches and project platforms that may be discussed. The purpose of working with us in organizational advising and consulting is to examine the current state of operations, managers, leaders, personnel, positions, departments, and more. We take a holistic approach into the analysis and work with you to colabaratively determine the needs you and the organization. Such projects may include:

  • Strategic analyses
  • Lean Process Improvements
  • Process and service design reengineering
  • Organizational development and transformation
  • Culture analysis and transformation
  • Change management support and implementation

Many of these projects may be administered due to the transition in leadership or ownership, market changes, regulatory or political change, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), expansion efforts, and more. Sometimes getting the professional support, guidance, and leadership can drastically improve your odds at a positive outcome, and with ExBet Advising, LLC any of these projects would be supported and will create tremendous value for the entire organization and its stakeholders.

Individual projects are built from a different perspective. Whether you’re a sole proprietor of your own organizaiton, a small business owner, coporate executive, or independent contractor, an individual project will help you build many skills, or provide professional development activities. Some of the most common areas of individualized projects include:

  • Mentoring
  • Leadership coaching and training
  • Communication training
  • Conflict management
  • Personal intervention and strategic planning
  • Management and supervision development

What is unique about the individualized projects as well is the partnership in digging deep, and working to coach and develop those individuals that want to make a positive impact on themselves, their coworkers, clients, the communities, and in their personal lives, their families. As you work to train and develop others, it’s important that you take the necessary time to professional develop yourself which enhances your credibility and competencies.

The norm of workplaces and education is to place a heavy focus on team development, conflict resolution, cross-training and cross-functionality, and leading high-performance teams. The idea of synergy is vital to team formation, and it is consistently practiced and proven that the whole is better than the sum of the parts. When teams are developed, trained, and lead properly, the momentum on influencing high-performance is unstoppable. Here’s a list of common projects below:

  • Team formation analysis
  • Cross-functionality training
  • Team-based communication training
  • Succession and dissolving
  • Utilizing agile management techniques for continuous project groups and teams
No matter if you’re working remote, locally, in-person, or working virtually with teams across the world, we have the availability and skills to offer these types of projects to any client. As students are learning how to virtually and physically form teams throughout their minor years, it’s important to teach these skills to others that they have the opportunity of taking with them throughout life and making a positive impact.

Presenting and speaking to groups and individuals is a way to enhance thought leadership, both on the presenter and the audience. Whether speaking on change management, leadership development, industry and subject matter expert content, or large training events, it’s important to consider the types of presentations you may hire for which includes:

  • Industry conferences and expos
  • Corporate training or team-based training
  • Virtually or in-person speaking and presenting
  • Coaching others how to effectively manage their speech
  • Aiding in the creation of in-house safety training videos

Speaking in the professional setting provides many opportunities to improve your communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence skills. We will work with you to create a program that’s specific to your situation, and that gets the voices out there moving around a little bit.

Expert Witness services are provided by ExBet Advising, LLC as Michael Wagner has extensive experience, education, and credentials in the snow and ice management industry and fleet management. You can find the service listings on the following Expert Witness Directory sites:

ExBet Advising, LLC covers Expert Witness services under the categories of:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Snow Removal
  • Ice Removal
  • Premises Liability
  • Property Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Equipment, Truck, and Vehicle Safety

Subject matter expertise can help in many ways. At ExBet Advising, LLC our subject matter expertise is in asset and fleet management, safety and training management, and snow and ice industry management. With extensive experience in these areas and industries, we’re there to offer advising and support to your organization and leadership as well. Some of the important projects to consider here are:

  • Thorough analyses
  • Litigation and court proceedings (subject matter expert and expert witness)
  • Train to be thought leaders in these specific areas
  • Help organizations develop their own safety programs and measures

Subject matter expertise, while specific, can provide a wealth of information and resources, and can even help organizations and leaders work to be innovative and take projects to develop or improve their staff.

Long-term partnerships is what we strive for, as the more all stakeholders and the organization can work to learn each other, see small wins and losses, and be there to help each other. Contact us today for advising opportunities.

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