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At ExBet Advising, LLC we believe in a variety of consulting and advising approaches to improve both organizational and leadership performance. This can be achieved through building short and long-term partnerships that focus on creating value for all stakeholders such as (1) the company, (2) leadership, (3) personnel, (4) the consumer, and (5) the economic community in which you operate. The general services we offer can be found on this site under the Services tab and all engaged work includes a custom plan for your specific situation. There is no “out of the box” solution for clients, as we’re in it “expand” and “better” your current situation to create sustainable success. Reach out through the Contact tab so we can begin the development of a lasting and value-adding partnership.

Focus Areas

Expert knowledge

Virtual coaching

A flexible option that works with your schedule and needs from long-distance or remote locations

Adaptive Training

Training that is relative and current, and keeps you leading with a competitive advantage

Team building

Formation, cross-functionality, conflict resolution, and high-performance team building is a must

Leadership coaching

Looking to invest in yourself and develop your own leadership values and practice, we can help

strategic analysis

Analyzing and digesting your organization's market position, differentiation, value, and leadership

transforming organizations

Applying change management and organizational development techniques to increase your performance and culture

Communication training

Examining and training on internal communication activities is a must for the survival and advancement of the organization and personnel

subject matter advising

Listed in the About page, there's industry specific subject matter expertise

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Presenting on Servant leadership

April 17, 2023 in Omaha, Nebraska

utilizing competitive advantages

June 14, 2023 in Hartford, Connecticut

Priorities and culture development

August 2023 in Loveland, Colorado
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Management Consulting

Whether it be general management consulting, process improvements, operational challenges, or organizational change implementation, we’ve got you covered in developing a client-specific project!

Leadership Coaching

The road to developing and training leaders is a dedication from the client and the consultant to create the best possible outcome. In leadership and management coaching we will focus on the intervention and application

Advisory and support

In developing long-term solutions, we’re here to help support you in making sound and ethical decisions, as well as being supported when you’re needing external expertise. We offer a variety of solutions in this area

About Us

We’re here to partner with you in developing positive and effective solutions for personnel and organizations. We develop only custom projects and components for clients which increases the value of the project for the client. Contact us today so we can begin working together.

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