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I began my professional career within a large public municipality, specifically a fleet department. Throughout my time in this organization, I began working in a leadership role as well as served on volunteer committees to better the workplace culture and processes. As I transitioned out of the public sector and into the private sector, I’ve been working in operational capacities for the last 8-years within the landscaping and construction industries where I’ve been tasked with responsibilities such as asset and fleet management, occupational and workplace safety, and snow and ice removal management. Aside from these responsibilities, I’ve had the opportunity to be coached and mentored throughout my career and education by very passionate and effective leaders, which has led me towards wanting to work with organizations and leaders to create a positive and sustainable future for themselves and their organizations.

Aside from client work and other responsibilities, I focus on working collaboratively in professional associations where I can help improve awareness towards specific industries and inspire others to lead their communities and peers. Part of these responsibilities include serving on editorial committees and task forces, holding board of directors’ roles such as Vice Chair and Chair, and developing training opportunities and presenting at national and local conferences and expos.

In my most recent experience I’ve had the opportunity to apply and study change management throughout organizations which includes identifying change leaders and champions, transformational leaders, growing high-performance teams, and working through strategic analyses to improve organizational effectiveness. Through research, theory, and application, I work with the client in developing solutions and programs that best fit their needs, which focuses on moving from their current state to desired future state, as well as influencing results that are sustainable and measurable.

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What’s important to me is being connected with industry associations, and continuing to learn and provide unparalleled service to my clients


Currently in progress, I’m completing the Master of Arts in Communication program at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. The focus of this program is organizational communication and leadership which highlights crisis communication, conflict management, virtual training, and consulting.

Completed in the Fall of 2022, I completed the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs where I focused on organizational development, leadership and management, accounting and finance, and operations and project management.

Completed in the Fall of 2020, I completed the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. This degree offered a wealth of knowledge and skill development in management, marketing, and leadership. 

Graduated in 2008, I completed the Associates of Specialized Technology program in Automotive Technology and Service Management at the Laramie, WY campus. While in attendance, I was employed by Wyoming Technical Institute as a peer tutor in electrical systems and engine management.

Certifications and Certificates

The industry leading certification for snow and ice executives, the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) program developed by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) has refined my skills to the expert level of understanding and application in the snow and ice management industry. Disciplines of study include (1) Business Management, (2) Human Resources, (3) Risk Management, (4) Sales and Estimating, (5) Science of Snow and Ice Operations, and (6) Snow and Ice Operations Management.

Being a member of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) has given me the opportunity to complete the Advanced Snow Manager Certificate which improves the skills and knowledge of snow operations managers within the snow and ice management industry.

As a member of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association, I’ve completed their industry credentials in snow and ice management operations and safety which is called the ASCA-C. This is an industry standard certification in snow and ice management.

The industry leading certification for public and private-sector fleet management professionals. While a member of NAFA Fleet Management Association, I completed the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) program which focuses on eight disciplines of the fleet management role which includes (1) Asset Management, (2) Business Management, (3) Financial Management, (4) Information Management, (5) Maintenance Management, (6) Professional Development, (7) Risk Management, and (8) Vehicle Fuel Management.

Completed with the Denver Peak Academy, I was awarded the Black Belt Lean Process Improvement Certificate after successful cohort work, collaboration, and ignite project presentations in the reduction of waste in processes within the department of a large municipality. Through this I gained many tools and sharpened my understand of Six Sigma and 5S processes, always as identifying steps to reducing waste, and creating more effective processes within the organization.

Finished an OSHA-30 approved course on General Industry Occupational Safety and Health Administrative hazards and prevention.

Association Memberships

Now going on the third year of membership, this association has provided many opportunities to get involved which includes learning and developing my professional skills and knowledge in the snow and ice management industry. While being a member of this association I’ve been on the editorial committee and am a regular contributor to the Snow Business Magazine. Also, I’ve served on multiple task forces and have had the opportunity to provide speaking and learning sessions at the Snow Symposium in Minneapolis, MN as well as the upcoming Snow Symposium in Hartford, CT in the Summer of 2023. Keep an eye on upcoming events for speaking sessions and visit the Services tab to check out articles and content that I’ve contributed.

The ASCA is one of the largest snow and ice management industry professional networks and associations. 

I’ve been a member of the APWA for a few years now, and I also serve on the Fleet Management Knowledge Committee where I contribute to industry and profession-related content which includes contributing to their blog and association learning opportunities.

I’ve been a member of NAFA Fleet Management Association for multiple years, and I’ve served on the editorial committee for FleetSolutions Magazine for nearly two years. Feel free to check out the cover story where I was featured in discussing the importance of developing a culture of safety within organizations.

I’ve been a FleetPros Colorado Chapter member for nearly five-years. Being highly involved in the chapter, I served as the Colorado Chapter Vice Chair in 2022, and am serving a term as Chair in 2023. While speaking and creating learning sessions for the national fleet managers conference of FleetCon in Las Vegas, NV and in Loveland, CO, I will continue to contribute to the association and help create a bright future for developing fleet managers in the Western region of the United States.

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