Driving Efficiencies Through Safety

While many operations professionals in a variety of industries focus on productivity and financial results, you must not forget about the importance of safety as well as ensuring you foster a “safety first” culture. One of the greatest ways to do this is by developing a robust safety and training program. Please see the attached Best Practices Sheet for understanding how safety practices and training programs can increase your organization efficiencies.

Equipment training to develop efficiencies during winter storm operations

While the direct goals of workplace safety programs in public and private fleets can target driver safety, mechanic safety, and organizational compliance, one of the greatest direct results is the improvement in operational efficiencies due to the decrease in:

  • Work-related injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle and equipment downtime
  • Loss of productivity
  • Administrative claims and investigation processes

There’s a variety of positive results that can be seen from a well developed safety program which includes the above as well as decreased costs from incidents and building stronger relationships with insurance brokers and carriers, as well as retaining current clients and attracting new ones.

One of the keys to building a strong safety and training program is having the right leadership in place to create and get others to work towards common goals through a shared vision. While all business operations should incorporate the organization goals and vision when innovating or developing new programs, you’ll also want to set a vision and objectives for your safety and training program that keeps your work aligned with your end destination. You should regularly ask yourself, “is what I’m doing right now fully aligned with my safety and training vision?”

Another key aspect of building a strong safety and training program is to involve others from throughout your organization that can help drive home the team initiatives. While you’re certainly going to lead program that you help develop, having strength in numbers will serve you far better throughout the implementation phase as you can’t expect to do everything yourself. It’s important to build a team on the premise of a shared vision and goals to carry out your objectives.

Please feel free to download this Best Practices Tip Sheet for helping you understand how you can create or increase organization efficiencies from driving home a culture of safety.

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